Machine Learning Internship Course

Concepts Covered

In this section, we will learn about the background and importance of this language.
In this section, we cover the basic concepts and fundamentals necessary to learn Python
Learn core of Python,including intermediate-advanced patterns and concepts.
Learn Pandas, a very popular python library used for data analysis.
Understand the importance of Machine Learning and how we use it in our daily tasks
Learn how to write ML algorithms and write codes to make programs more intelligent.
Implement ML algorithms on a set of data to recognize and analyse programs
Get introduced to NLP,which enables connection between machines and humans

Project Titles

1. Music Recommendation System
Make a recommendation system to prescribe music based on the user’s history.
2. Face Detection
Create a system that detects and analyzes distinct facial features.
3. Wine Quality Prediction
Create a quality prediction model to determine the quality of wine.
4. Walmart Sales Forecasting
Analyze and predict sales performance of Walmart.