Upskills and equip them with new technology skills and be ready for Industry 4.0.
Our Enterprise solution will help you upgrade your team and enable them to innovate in the organization.

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Why its matter?

With our training solution, your team members don’t need to leave your premise to learn new cutting technology. You have an access to monitor, measure and set a right curriculum include theory and hands on learning. Our aim to connect you with INDUSTRY EXPERTS with EFFICIENT cost and time. With us, the outcome of the training will be more transparent.


    Each Industry Revolution are disrupting companies and industries worldwide. Your team must equip and updated with new technology skills.


    Upskill you team is essential when your organization want to be ahead in New Industry revolution.


    Current offline training is not more relevant because you don’t have enough data to measure your team skills. With the right training data, you can plan ahead for organization.

Why Krenovator

Krenovator provides a new cutting edge technology modules from Industry Experts. We’re offering the right new technology skills for your team to be ready for Industry 4.0. With right modules and Industry Experts (Mentor), your team will  learn faster and efficient than ever.

How Krenovator compliments Enterprise?

  • Modules built by Industry Experts, for the next experts
  • Provides end to end training solutions
  • Enterprise dashboard – offering a real-time look at team progress
  • Real-world hands on projects
  • Assessment, reviews and feedback from Industry Experts
  • Technical Profiling for your team
  • Huge saving by upskills vs hiring new talents

Payment Plans

We craft a suitable payment plan for SMEs and Corporates. It means we want you less worry about payment as long your team will be upskilled with the right Mentor and Platform.

  1. HRDF claimable – Each MicroDegree is a HRDF claimable.
    (Check your HR if your organization is eligible for HRDF Claim)
  2. Monthly payment
    (3 months)

Upgrade your team skills now

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