Data is one of the important features of every organization because it helps leaders to make right decisions based on facts, statistical numbers and trends. Due to this growing scope of data, data science came into the picture which is a multidisciplinary field. It uses scientific approaches, procedures, algorithms, and framework to extract knowledge and insight from a huge amount of data. 

The extracted data can be either structured or unstructured. Data science is a concept to bring together ideas, data examination, Machine Learning, and their related strategies to comprehend and dissect genuine phenomena with data. Data science is an extension of various data analysis fields such as data mining, statistics, predictive analysis and many more. 

The biggest question is how much salary for data scientists in southeast asia. Here some info we can share:

  1. Malaysia: RM3500 to RM20,000 monthly
  2. Singapore: SGD4100 to SGD 30,000 monthly
  3. Indonesia: RP14,101,950 to RP70,509,750 monthly
  4. Thailand: TB30180 to TB150900 monthly

In 2022, expected more than 2 million job opportunities in Data Science available in Southeast Asia. In fact, some economy expert stated that Data will be the new oil in the world

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