Tech skill accelerator for IR 4.0

Next generation of tech skills learning for industry readinesss

An innovative and proven educational model that was designed to accelerate learning, and develop tech skills needed to compliments IR 4.0 needs.

This key is to prepare tech talent for industry readiness and build your skills with industry project based learning. Learn how to solve real problem with technology.

The program offer wide range of benefits including formal learn and mentorship from the expert, work on with real industry projects, and opportunities to get hired by Krenovator networks.


Problems in current tech education

Despite increasingly widespread adoption of technologies in virtually every aspect of education, significant challenges are preventing widespread effective implementation
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    With fast-moving digital landscape, traditional institution and learning incapable to follow.

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    Current tech talents can’t compliment industry requirement

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    Skill Gap

    Tech talents is not industry ready in term of problem solving, critical thinking, mindset etc

What make us different?

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Effective learning method

Innovative and proven project based learning allows you to develop your skills by put in practice what you've you learning in real-time.

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Real-time progress

Your real time progress in learning and project completion will be added in your profile for employment reference.

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Industry Project

Exposing yourself in finding solution on how to solve real problems which come from industry.

Our Believe

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Lifelong Learning
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Grow Together
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Innovative and creative
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Contribute to community

Program Journey

5-week program technology mentoring pairing student with professional to boost your technical growth and development skills.


Week 1

Grasp the basic technical skills - programming, data structure, database, frameworks



Week 2

In supporting and guide your learning, you'll be able to have access of mentors which come from different industries and expertise.



Week 3

Provide hands-on experience in increasing your portfolio while gaining industry technical solution approach.



Week 4 & 5

Gauge your abilities and skill necessary to perform various aspects of yourself towards the solution

Skills focus during learning

Expanding your professional competency for industry projects
Tech Skills
Web Development IOT UI/UX Mobile Development Data Science
Soft Skills
Critical Thinking Innovative Thinking Mindset Teamwork Progressive
Right Fits
Project simulations Assessment Industry Challenge Documentations

Industry fit tech skills

We put heavy focus on industry needs skillset and emerging tech and opportunities such as web application, mobile application, and cloud based application

"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life"

- Bill Gates

Available programs

Our online programs are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree.

Mobile Development Developer

Get specialisation in Android, iOS, hybrid mobile development.

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Web Full-Stack Development Developer

Excel in the art of making interactive and resilient websites with the knowledge of Web Full-Stack Development and start spinning your own connective traps on the Internet.

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Program Fees

FREE when you passed the qualification test
RM 10,000
  • 5-week learning readiness program
  • Professional Mentorship
  • Skill profiling
  • Real industry project
  • Be a part of Krenovator Tech Community

Student-centred Learning

“Everyone is different"

The innovative fast-paced learning are specifically designed upon individualized education experience, and entry level learner.

Everyone wil achieve different level of understanding and interest shown and identify through out the program. Tasks will be more diverse and focus on student strength to further develop their specialization:

Backend developer
UI/UX Designer
Hardware Engineer
Database Administrator
Project Management
Database Administrator
Front end Developer

Programs are flexible and customizable, allowing students to find their unique position in IR 4.0 era.

Work-based Learning

Opportunity to learning by solving real tasks which lead to production of real product or services.
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Financial security

Given the opportunity for student to earn while learning to increase student financial security during their learning process.

Exposure and portfolio

Improve future job prospects by having complete solution to showcase your skills and knowledge which difficult to acquire in classroom settings.