Video Credit: Bosch

The Next Industrial Revolution which is going to change our lives in ways never imagined before, The last industrial revolution which is nothing but INTERNET the way we communicate and connect with people has changed like never before and also the Internet boom has improved our lives in many ways. 

Rapid changes in IOT technology makes it a challenging task for the most experienced experts to anticipate the future of standardization in the field. For humanity, which is moderately clutter by nature, the IoT is an extraordinary advancement. 

On the other hand, for individuals who esteem their security, the Man to Man helps in interconnecting different electronic gadgets. IOT has arrived with a highly believable promise of giving individuals few more free hours by automating few tasks and boosting productivity of businesses by making better use of data.

In 5 years, almost everything will be connected to each other. In fact, most of the tech giant companies start to produce smart wearables product for consumers.  IoT helps us work smarter, live smarter, and gain complete control over our lives, but it’s also supporting our wellbeing behind the scenes.